High Integrity Process Filtration Equipment, Vessel Internals, Screens and Specialist Metallic Filters

CFL has more than 35 years engineering experience designing and manufacturing world class filtration products and equipment. CFL are a dynamic and proficient engineering company offering filtration and separation solutions for a wide variety of applications. We pride ourselves on the principles of developing and delivering innovative manufacturing techniques and exceptional products, together with a friendly, professional and responsive service to our clients.

Quality, competitiveness, customer service and safety is engrained within our DNA. Our experienced team ethos is to provide world class products and equipment, delivered on time, with a highly professional and ethical approach at all times. We continually evolve to ensure we deliver cost effective solutions and services to our clients.

CFL has vast experience in manufacturing parts for critical applications, alongside our unique fabrication, machining and welding skills, we offer products and equipment in standard and high value materials. We are a trusted partner, and supplier to clients around the globe, our range of products cover most duties, and provide the highest level of reliability, even in the most demanding of environments.

Our team of mechanical and process engineers are happy to help solve complex engineering tasks, our expertise and practical experience in the design, development and manufacture of world class filtration products and equipment, makes us the ideal partner for your next project.

 We design, engineer and deliver…………..