High Integrity Machining and Fabrication

For over 20 years CFL have developed a high level of capability, delivering quality products and equipment. High integrity machining, welding and fabrication of stainless steel and high value materials, are our core competencies.

CFL support highly challenging projects, and with our technical ingenuity, know-how and project management, we are trusted to serve the complexed and innovative requirements of our clients.

Our experienced team strive to provide reliable, competitive and delivered on time products and equipment, with a highly ethical approach at all times. Our close relationship with certifying bodies such as Lloyds and NQA enables us to maintain the standards expected by our clients. Health, safety, environmental integrity and quality management is at the forefront of our dedicated team. With a Quality Management System approved to ISO 9001:2015, CFL endeavour to exceed clients expectations at all times.

CFL utilise a wide range of industrial welding techniques for complex structures, internals and piping, with certified welding of 316 and 310 stainless steel, 22%Cr Duplex, 25%Cr Super Duplex, Titanium, 6Mo, Alloys 400, 600, 625, 825 and C276.

Industries served include aerospace, automotive, chemical, defence, medical, mining, nuclear, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, power generation, and water.

Recent projects include;

BP Clair Ridge – Seawater lift filters ** CF Fertilisers UK – Filter upgrade ** BP Greater Plutonio – Seawater lift filters ** KOC Burgan – PWT filters ** NCOC Kashagan – DEA amine filtration ** Cuu Long JOC Su Tu – Process water filters ** Shell Leman – Stone trap screens ** Total Dalia – Sulfate removal filters.

With our vast experience in machining and fabricating parts and equipment in high value materials, CFL are a trusted vendor to many key design and engineering companies around the globe.

We design, engineer and deliver……………….


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