Wedge Wire Screens

Introduction to Con-slot® Wedge Wire Screens

Con-slot® Screens International is a partly owned subsidiary of Carbis Filtration Ltd. The Con-slot® trade name is renowned worldwide for high quality engineered wedge wire screens. Operating globally with associated companies and representatives around the world guarantees close customer contact and technical assistance wherever and whenever required.

Con-slot® wedge wire screens are specifically used when process requirements call for a safe and economic solution of solid / liquid and solid / gas separation. High flow rates combined with excellent resistance against collapse and burst pressure, allows for sophisticated engineering and design solutions.

Con-slot® wedge wire screens are used in a wide range of applications, such as ground water exploration, crude oil and natural gas production and vessel internals.

Our screen elements and baskets can be adapted to fit industry and custom manufactured filter housings and vessels, we also offer the design and manufacture of filter housings and vessels to suit your application. Housing and vessel materials include Duplex (UNS S31803), Super Duplex (UNS32750/60), Monel (Alloy 400), Hastelloy (C4, C276, C22) and many others, design codes include PD5500 and ASME.

The structure of our wedge wire screens is a combination of surface profiles and supporting profiles, fusion welded at each crossing. Carefully selected parameters guarantee that the mechanical structure of the raw materials used in the manufacture of our wedge wire screens remains unchanged, our careful and thorough pickling and passivizing process also enhances the corrosion resistance of the finished product.

Weld procedures used in the process of fitting our wedge wire screens with flanges, frames, support structures and rings etc. are carefully chosen with the same attention. Only the most modern welding and cutting techniques
are used in the manufacture of our screens, such as TIG, MIG and MMA for welding and Water Jet, Laser and Plasma for cutting, with our welder qualifications and procedures approved by TUV. We also offer Positive Material Identification and manufacturing methods
and materials to comply with NACE MR0175 Latest Edition.

Our engineering expertise allows us to serve a diverse range of industries, our team of mechanical engineers offer design and engineering solutions for screens used in critical applications. Our services include,
aperture size analysis, flow patterns, pressure loss, load bearing capabilities and burst and collapse strengths, all of which are critical to the successfully function of our finished products.

We also design and manufacture our screens to be adapted to fit OEM machinery such as centrifuges, rotary drum screens and thickeners, pulp paper screening equipment, filter dryers, self-cleaning and back washing filters, pre-coat filters, basket filters and many more.


Wedge Wire Screens

Mechanical Properties of Con-slot® Screens

The high quality mechanical structure of our fusion welded screens offer resistance to overloading, the screens ability to function correctly is not affected, even with reduced capacity and a higher pressure loss, the operational safety remains as no parts of the screen body are loosened or separated, consequently no damage can be done to other operational installations downstream.

Wedge Wire Screens

Permeability and Hydraulic Properties

Con-slot® screens offer high open area, however open area alone is not the criteria for efficiency, we have found that for many applications very often the support structure is being omitted when calculating the open area of a profile wire screen structure, this miss-calculation can very easily alter critical flow patterns.

Wedge Wire Screens

Hydraulic properties of Con-slot® screens are related to physical laws that determined the flow gradient (pressure loss) through the screen. The transition between laminar and turbulent flow through Con-slot® screens occurs gradually,
it is comparable to the behaviour of porous media’s. Experience has shown that the combination of both Con-slot® screens and porous media’s such as sand, sintered metal and ion exchange media develop advantageous flow characteristics
for operation and efficiency.

Wedge Wire Screens

Slot Configuration for Wedge Wire Screens

Con-slot® wedge wire screens can be manufactured with varying slot and wire configurations dependent on the flow direction and the application. Con-slot® cylindrical screens can be manufactured with slot sizes of 0.020 to 10 mm. We also offer our profile wire screens with a sintered metal coating offering absolute filtration ratings of 3 to 20 microns.

Wedge Wire Screens


Generally stainless steel materials are used in the manufacture of Con-slot® wedge wire screens, due to its excellent corrosion resistance properties. However corrosion resistance is only guaranteed if all the important parameters are considered. For instance operational temperatures are often a neglected perilous factor. Therefore a careful analysis of all operational conditions is recommendable, in this regard we offer our experience and assistance for the correct evaluation.

In addition to the various grades of stainless steel we also carry stock of our various profiles in the following materials: Duplex (UNS S31803), Super Duplex (UNS S32750), Monel (Alloy 400), Hastelloy (C4, C22, C276) and Inconel (Alloy 600 & 800)


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