Metallic Filters

Alloy 825 Internals

Alloy 825 Internals for Kashagan

Carbis have recently completed the supply of several sets of Alloy 825 internals for Kashagan produced water treatment plant in Kazakhstan. End user NCOC N.V.  

Agbami 1085

Titanium Internals

Carbis supply several sets of seawater coarse filter internals in Titanium Gr2 destined for offshore Nigeria.

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Nutshell Filters

Carbis supply Nutshell Filter internals for new produced water treatment system. Carbis design and manufacture media support screens and laterals for a wide range of oil, gas, refining and chemical processing applications. Our high strength screens are designed to meet … Continued


Further Demand for Retrofit Internals

Carbis are awarded the supply of additional filter upgrades for a major UK fertiliser facility, the new project is awarded on the back of the hugely successful retrofit of equipment supplied and commissioned in May 2014.

PV Gas Separator Skid

Gas Filter Separators for PVGAS

Carbis Filtration are awarded the design and supply of two (2) Gas Filter Separator vessels for Petro Vietnam Gas, NCSO Terminal / Dinh Co GPP off shore Vietnam. The equipment is designed to remove solids and trace hydrocarbons from gas, … Continued

Improvements for Sukari Gold

Carbis have recently assisted Sukari Gold mine with improvements to critical internals used to process its high grade ore.

Retrofit Internals for Major UK Fertiliser Facility

Carbis are to supply a complete set of retrofit filter internals for the UK’s largest producer of fertiliser. The equipment upgrade includes replacement of the existing metallic mesh inserts using Carbis high efficiency cleanable metallic screen elements. The upgrade for … Continued