Filtration and Water Treatment Equipment Rental / Hire

Carbis Filtration have available for rental several types of process filtration and effluent treatment equipment suitable for a wide range of applications. Our equipment can be used to help you solve a short term problem, to help with an increase in demand or to ascertain the suitability of our equipment for your application before you buy.

Please contact us to discuss your application.

Filter Bag Filter Housings

  • Available with a wide range of filter media.
  • Disposable bags 1200 micron down to 0.5 micron absolute.
  • Cleanable baskets 10 mm down to 10 micron absolute.
  • Our filter bag housings are manufactured in 316 stainless steel as standard and offer a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar for Group 2 Fluids.
  • Larger housings also available to accommodate large flows.
  • These units are a simple to use and are a very effective way of removing suspended solids.

Liquid Cartridge Filter Housings

  • Available with a wide range of filter elements:
  • Disposable cartridges 100 micron down to 0.2 micron absolute.
  • Cleanable metal cartridges 6 mm down to 3 micron absolute.
  • Our Filter Cartridge housings are also available with our Hydrocarbon removal Cartridges for removal of dispersed and dissolved hydrocarbons and synthetic oils up to 20ppm.
  • Manufactured in 316 stainless steel as standard and offer a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar.
  • Housings available to service both Group 1 and 2 Fluids.
  • Larger housings also available to accommodate large flows.

Aqueous Phase Activated Carbon Adsorbers

  • Available with a wide range of carbon available from stock for most applications.
  • Flows of up to 50 m3/hr with a single vessel and larger flow rates accommodated for with the use of multiple vessels.
  • Carbis offer a site service for the removal and disposal of spent carbon, spent carbon is removed using high volume air conveying equipment.
    The spent carbon can then be dealt with in a responsible and environmentally sensitive manner.
  • Click here to view PED Filter Vessel Safety Statement.
  • Recent Case History’s


Transco have recently hit problems while decommissioning gas supply holders, many redundant gas holders are now being decommissioned as new technology takes over. Whilst decommissioning Transco found that the gas holders contained a liquid effluent in the bottom of the holders, when analysed this effluent was found to be highly contaminated with VOC’s. As a result of this problem Transco were unable to continue decommissioning until a solution was found which would enable them to either discharge this effluent to sewer or river. Carbis Filtration were asked to do an evaluation of the application and an analysis of the effluent was performed to ascertain a suitable treatment. A recommendation was put forward and a 12 month contract was secured for the hire of 2 number 5m3 carbon adsorbers, each to accommodate a flow of 20m3/hr. The effluent was successfully treated and consent was given by the governing water authority to discharge into a local sewer.

KP Foods

Carbis have recently helped KP Foods identify a problem with waste wash water from washing potatoes at one of their U.K plants. The KP plant produces 80 m3/hr of wash water waste that is currently discharged to sewer and KP wanted to reduce this to 40m3/hr and send 40m3/hr back to the plant for reuse. To allow the wash water to be reused for potato washing the water has to be clean and bacteria free, to eliminate the bacteria KP currently have installed a Wedeco UV reactor. Carbis were initially called in to help reduce the level of suspended solids to help the UV reactor penetrate through the dirty water to effectively kill off the bacterial. KP hired two Carbis filter bag housings to filter the water to 5 microns, the Carbis bag filters were very successful however the water was still very dirty but solid free. Unfortunately the UV reactor was still unable to penetrate to kill the bacteria, Carbis then came to the conclusion that the water must be contaminated with a colour which was a great surprise to every one concerned. After treatment in our lab with activated carbon the wash water was successfully cleaned up and colour free and therefore allowing the UV reactor to penetrate. The scale up plant has not yet been sanctioned but is expected in the next few months.

Southern Water Plc

A recent problem at Southern Water has been solved by using a filter bag housing unit on hire from Carbis Filtration. Problems with suspended iron solids in discharge water has been reduced to an acceptable level using the Carbis bag filter unit. Now that the problem has been resolved a scaled up unit for day to day use has been specified.