High Integrity Machining & Fabrication Services

We offer high integrity machining, welding and fabrication. Our fully equipped multi skilled work force allows us to provide solutions to a diverse range of industries. Our core competencies include turning, milling, vertical boring, horizontal boring and assembly, along side welding of 316, Duplex, Super Duplex, Titanium, 6Mo, Alloys 400, 600, 625 and 825.

With our vast experience in manufacturing parts for critical applications such as Pressure Vessel Internals, Reactor Internals and High Pressure Filters, we are a trusted vendor to many key Design and Engineering companies around the globe.

We have a strong and committed management team and workforce, alongside a committed and dependable supply chain, which enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to our clients needs. Our close relationship with certifying bodies such as Lloyds and NQA, enables us to maintain the high standards demanded by our clients.

Health, safety, environmental integrity, and quality management is at the forefront of our dedicated work force.

Machining Fabrication

Our extensive range of products cover most duties and provide the highest levels of reliability, even in the most demanding of environments. Our team of mechanical engineers are capable of solving complex engineering tasks, and our expertise and practical experience in the design, development and manufacture of Process Vessel Internals makes us the ideal partner for your next project.

Industries served include Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Water, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Mining and Food.

We have specialist skills in welding exotic materials, with welding procedures qualified to ASME IX, Norsok, EN ISO 15613, EN 1418:1997 and BS EN 15614:20.

We utilise a wide range of industrial welding techniques for complex structures, pressure vessels and piping. Many of our WPQR’s, undertaken at 6G, include supplementary testing to NACE/ISO15156, Charpy, Ferrite and G48. In additon we also comply with various BP, Total and Shell specifications, we are also working towards qualifying procedures to EEMUA and ISO3834.

Machining Fabrication

We hold an extensive library of welding procedures, supported by a team of highly qualified welders, working with welding processes including MMA and GTAW.

We operate a quality system to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, maintained by a dedicated quality and documentation department.

Machining Fabrication


We continually evolve to ensure we deliver a competitive cost effective service to meet our clients needs.

Machining Fabrication